About Us:

               Next to Nature was founded in 1995 to provide healthy treats and foods and quality accessories to pet lovers. The owners of Next to Nature, Cliff and Beya, were at first customers for years of Next to Nature where they finally found solutions to the severe health issues affecting their beloved 5 year-old chocolate lab - and master of his domain - Weston.  

Next to Nature: More Than A Name...

             ' Next to Nature' is not just the name of our company; it is the core philosophy of how we choose what we offer for you and your pet. We believe we can make a positive impact in the lives of your pets via better nutrition.


              Next to Nature TRULY is a local, family-owned company with stores is Seattle, Edmonds and Tacoma.  Every year we quietly donate a SIGNIFICANT percentage of our profits to animal welfare causes.  We are committed to continue to expand our knowledge and expertise in animal nutrition for the benefit of our customers.

              Thank you for being part of our dream!